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Renewable energy for less than $5 per month

In-home, or rooftop solar, is a technology that offers a lot of promise to help save money on your energy bill and be more green. The cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels has dropped dramatically in the past few years, but this price reduction doesn’t mean residential rooftop solar makes sense for everyone.

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Does Tipmont offer rooftop solar?

No. Tipmont does not offer rooftop solar installations. Instead, our Community Solar program offers green energy for your home while avoiding expensive upfront installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

However, solar panels may still be a good fit for your home. If you choose to proceed with installing rooftop solar on your home, please read the following information, and Tipmont's Net Metering policy .

Is Rooftop Solar a good deal?

The answer depends on your situation. Based on historical trends, we can say with confidence that energy costs will continue to rise. Installing rooftop solar will cost you significant money up front. However, the system will likely pay for itself over time as energy costs continue to rise and the energy generated by your system is free. You will need to calculate how long it will take the system to pay for itself.

What other factors should I consider?

Installing rooftop solar may have other impacts beyond energy savings.

  1. It is considered a major renovation to your home. If your home is an older building, your roof may need repairs or even an entire roof replacement before solar panels can be installed. It’s a good idea to have a professional contractor inspect your home before making any major modifications.
  2. You may be responsible for ongoing maintenance costs. Make sure you understand any contract you sign prior to moving forward.
  3. Not all panels and inverters are alike. Do your homework to understand the different types. The quality of the energy you generate has more to do with the inverter than the panels themselves. Get quotes from several vendors to fully understand your financial cost.
  4. Your homeowner’s association (HOA) may have restrictions on structure renovations. Contact a HOA representative before moving forward with an installation.
  5. You’ll want to ask your insurance company how this renovation to your home will affect your homeowner’s insurance.

What obligations do I have to my electric provider?

Any member-owned generation will effect the larger grid. For Tipmont and other electric companies to safely and reliably manage the power flow on the electric grid, we need to be aware of any source that is generating energy.

There are several reasons we need to be aware of member-owned generation:

  • Power flow management: If your solar panels produce more energy during the day than you consume in your home, those electrons have to go somewhere. The only place they can go is back onto the electric grid. To safely manage power flow, we need to be aware of all sources generating energy.
  • Reliability: Solar arrays do not generate energy when the sun is not shining. Electric providers need to make sure we have the generation available to backfill your needs if your systems stop working.
  • Safety: If your system is not functioning correctly, it could unintentionally back feed power onto the grid. This is a serious safety hazard for our linemen who could find themselves working on a line they believe has been disconnected, but is still receiving power from another source.

Steps you need to take

Ultimately, your obligation to your electric provider depends on the size of your solar installation. 10 – 12 kW will power most large homes. Here is the process you need to follow:

  • Under 10 KW Inverter Capacity

    1. Fill out and sign the Application for Small Member-Owned Generation .
    2. A Tipmont representative will sign and return the agreement to you, typically within five business days.
    3. Install your solar panels
    4. Notify Tipmont so a representative can inspect the system for you. There is no service or trip charge for this inspection.
  • 10 - 25 kW Inverter Capacity

    If you install rooftop solar that has an inverter capacity between 10 - 25 kW, the Application for Small Member-Owned Generation needs to be sent to Tipmont REMC. Tipmont will forward the agreement to Wabash Valley Power, Tipmont’s power generation partner, for approval. Please plan on seven to 10 business days for the agreement to be returned to you.

  • Over 25 KW Inverter Capacity

    Please contact our office at (800) 726-3953 for more information. This situation is uncommon and will typically apply to large farms and businesses.

Tipmont reserves the right to conduct an annual inspection of your equipment. Please see the Net Metering policy for more information.



Creating a brighter tomorrow

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A brighter tomorrow.

The Tipmont REMC Community Solar program is a quick, easy and affordable way to generate solar power to use in your home, and help usher in a new era of clean, renewable energy.

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How it works

Community Solar enables you to use clean, renewable solar power in your home. All Community Solar equipment is assembled and serviced at our headquarters so you don’t have to worry about costly and timely installation and maintenance.

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Energy produced through Community Solar will be clean, renewable, sustainable and environmentally responsible.


The remote solar array is installed and maintained by trained professionals at our headquarters in Linden, IN.


At less than $5 a month, Community Solar is an inexpensive way to begin investing in a sustainable future.

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Invest in our Future

Tipmont REMC members may purchase the energy from up to 10 solar panels, but not exceeding ½ of your annual electric usage. A small portion (not to exceed $5 per month, per panel) of your monthly energy usage comes from the solar array. For this portion, you pay the solar energy rate vs. the retail energy rate.

There are essentially two paths for joining the Community Solar program: paying up front (Upfront Payment and Easy Pay) and paying as you go (PPA). Use the information below to help you decide which option is right for you.

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Why is Tipmont offering Community Solar?
Many Tipmont REMC members are interested in purchasing or generating renewable energy for their homes and businesses. Community Solar provides an alternative to the traditional process of purchasing and permanently installing solar equipment on your property.
Do I have to be a Tipmont REMC member to participate?
Yes, you must be a Tipmont REMC member with an active electric account to participate in Community Solar.
Where is the solar array?
The Community Solar array is located just south of our headquarters building in Linden, IN and is part of a sustainable area including natural grasslands and a tree grove.
How is solar power better for the environment?
Generating energy with solar power creates no pollution or CO2 emissions, and is a clean, renewable and sustainable alternative energy source.
How much solar energy can I purchase?
You may purchase the energy from up to 10 solar panels but not exceeding 50% of your annual electric usage.
What does it cost?
There are essentially two paths for joining the Community Solar program: paying up front (Upfront Payment and Easy Pay) and paying as you go (PPA).
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Do I own the panel?
You are purchasing the electricity generated by a portion of the solar array, but you will not own any property or equipment. You are welcome to visit the solar array, and Tipmont REMC employees are available during business hours to give you a tour and answer questions. We will own, operate and maintain your panel as part of our solar array, but you will receive the energy it produces.
What if I move?
If you are moving to another Tipmont service location, your Community Solar agreement and bill credits can move with you. If you are moving out of the Tipmont service area, you have the option to transfer the solar agreement and credits to another member or back to Tipmont*. Call 1-800-726-3953 if you have questions about an upcoming move and your service. (*Refer to the Community Solar agreement for details of “Member’s Right to Sell to Cooperative”.)
How do I participate?
If you wish to become a part of the clean energy movement, fill out this short form to get started, or call us at 1-800-726-3953. It’s that easy.
How much credit will I receive and how is it applied to my bill?
For those paying upfront, Tipmont will measure the daily and monthly electricity generated by the 240 panels of the solar array. Each Community Solar member will receive credit for 1/240 of the kWhs produced. Those kWhs will be calculated using your current electric rate and a credit will be added to your monthly bill.

Based on research and actual data from similar arrays, members can expect an average of $5 credit per month during the first year of the program.
How will I benefit from Community Solar?
For less than $5 a month you can use clean, renewable energy as a part of your home’s monthly energy consumption. The benefit of Community Solar is knowing you are making the responsible choice in how you use energy, and that you’re helping usher in a brighter tomorrow.

For those paying for their panel upfront, by purchasing the output from a solar panel now, you are setting the price for a portion of your electric needs for the next 25 years. As electric rates rise, so will your Community Solar energy credits.
How future-proof are the solar arrays?
Tipmont REMC’s solar panels are rated to last 40 years. However, technology is always advancing. What’s likely to happen is that newer solar panels will produce energy more efficiently. But, the older solar panels will still be producing energy. So, when the time is right, we will simply add the new solar panels to the existing array and adjust our pricing accordingly.



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