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Tipmont REMC’s rebate program is designed to encourage members to purchase energy efficient appliances aimed at helping lower your electric bill.

Qualifying for a rebate

Tipmont will verify the purchase, installation, and energy efficiency rating of the equipment. Installation or inspection of a load management switch is required to qualify. After all requirements are met, Tipmont REMC will provide the rebate as a one-time credit on your electric account.

Tipmont rebates

  • Lighting

    A $7.50 rebate is available for each ENERGY STAR LED light bulb you purchase, up to 25 bulbs per member, per calendar year.

    A heat pump water heater works by using electricity to move heat. Because it doesn’t have to generate heat but simply transfers existing heat, it uses less electricity than a traditional water heater.

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    • This rebate is available for residential Tipmont REMC members.
    • Rebated bulbs must be installed in homes served by Tipmont REMC.
    • Rebate is limited to 25 bulbs per member per calendar year.

    Product Eligibility

    Energy Star logo Only ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs are eligible for this rebate. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the package. Or, check the EnergyStar.gov product list.\.

  • Water Heaters
    • $50 50-80 gallon electric water heater
    • $100 80+ gallon electric water heater

    Terms and Conditions

    • Purchase and install an energy efficient electric water heater
    • Energy Factor rating must be at least .92
    • Provide valid proof of purchase and proof of energy efficiency rating within 120 days of purchase
    • Submit a completed rebate form
    • Allow Tipmont REMC to install or inspect a load management switch on the water heater
  • HVAC
    • $150 14-15.9 SEER air source
    • $300 16-16.9 SEER air source
    • $450 17 SEER or higher air source
    • $500 any size ground source (geothermal)

    Terms and conditions

    • Purchase and install an energy efficient electric air source heat pump or ground source (geothermal) heat pump
    • Provide valid proof of purchase and proof of energy efficiency rating (for air source) within 120 days of installation
    • Submit a completed rebate form
    • Submit an AHRI Certificate for installed system
    • Allow Tipmont REMC to complete an inspection of the equipment and installation
    • Allow Tipmont REMC to install or inspect a load management switch on the system
    • Tipmont recommends completion of the Energy Star Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Bid Comparison Checklist (available from Tipmont REMC or at energystar.gov )
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PowerMoves Rebates

In addition to the Tipmont REMC rebates, members are also eligible for rebates through Wabash Vally Power Association's PowerMoves program. Please visit PowerMoves.com for a current list of available PowerMoves rebates.




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