Since 2010, the POWER MOVES energy-efficiency program has awarded more than $104,000 in incentives to Tipmont members!

powerMoves logoAll across America, energy costs are rising. Today, the typical American family spends over 20 percent of its budget on energy and costs continue to rise. The best way to fight back is to use less energy.

That’s why Tipmont REMC has partnered with POWER MOVES — a website that gives you the tools you need to save energy and money. POWER MOVES offers you all sorts of tips that make your home or business more energy efficient, as well as programs and incentives that make it easier and less expensive to replace inefficient old appliances, switch to more efficient lighting, and find other ways to save on your electric bills every month.

Making smart moves now to save energy today and in the years to come benefits you and your community in very big ways. It saves you money, and it helps keep energy costs down for your neighbors by keeping us from drawing on more expensive resources to meet demand. POWER MOVES is good for you, good for the environment, and good for America.

So we can’t help you with gas prices. But we can help you save money on your electric bills for many years to come—at your home or business.

POWER MOVES is brought to you by Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA) — the utility that generates the electricity that Tipmont REMC delivers to your home. Like Tipmont, WVPA is a cooperative; helping keep your electric bills the absolute lowest they can be. When you save energy with POWER MOVES, you help everyone save money on their electric bills by keeping our costs down.

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