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If you lose power

Severe weather is the most common cause of power outages. Tipmont makes every effort to restore service as quickly as possible. High winds and lightning damage are the most common factors associated with power outages. You can be prepared by following these simple guidelines:

  • Check your circuit breaker panel to see if any circuit breakers have tripped (switched off).
  • Check for blown fuses if you have a fuse box in an older home.
  • If your circuit breakers are switched on or you have no blown fuses, please check with your neighbors to see if they have power and may have already called to report the outage.
  • If you have checked your circuit breakers and you have no blown fuses, call Tipmont at 800-726-3953 to report the power outage. We will ask if your neighbor is also out of power to help us identify the extent of your power outage.

Please do not attempt to report an outage via email. Follow the instructions below to report outages by telephone through Tipmont REMC's Interactive Voice Response system.

Please call Tipmont REMC at 800-726-3953.  However, during a widespread system outage, Tipmont REMC's incoming telephone lines may be overloaded and you may get a busy signal. Please try again and remember, your neighbors will also be calling to report the problem.




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