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Wintek powered by Tipmont offers free public WiFi at North Montgomery High School

Wintek powered by Tipmont offers free public WiFi at North Montgomery High School
Rob Ford | Monday, March 16, 2020

Wintek powered by Tipmont has enabled free public WiFi at North Montgomery Schools to support students who are unable to attend school due to Coronavirus restrictions. The free WiFi is available in the main parking lot next to US 231.

"North Montgomery is so appreciative of the hotspot provided by Tipmont at this unprecedented time of uncertainty," said Dr. Colleen Moran, North Montgomery School Corporation Superintendent.

"The hotspot will allow students to upload new assignments and complete their work while school is not in session. Since we do have several rural students without access to high speed Internet, this resource alleviates a great deal of anxiety and frustration for our families."

To access the WiFi hotspot, students simply drive their car near the Tipmont REMC trailer located in the main North Montgomery High School parking lot adjacent to US 231. After connecting to the hotspot named “Wintek Public WiFi,” simply accept the Terms and Conditions to access the internet. The WiFi signal covers almost the entire main parking lot.

"The new social distancing measures means students who lack broadband internet can't go to McDonald's or Starbucks as the normally do," said Rob Ford, Wintek Communication Director. "This hotspot allows them to stay in their vehicle and do what they need to do online while adhering to social distancing protocols."

The WiFi hotspot will remain available as long as is needed by students and the community. Wintek is currently working with school officials in Tippecanoe County to enable similar hotspots for students from those schools.

Wintek Free Public Wifi connection instructions

A poster explaining how to connect to Wintek public WiFi
  • Last modified: Monday, March 16, 2020

Written by

Rob Ford

Rob Ford is Communication Director for Tipmont REMC.

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