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Fiber Construction Update: Summer 2021

Tipmont REMC | Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Fiber construction updates

Crews and contractors continue to build better in-home fiber internet from Wintek powered by Tipmont. We're delighted to report that our Yeddo build area is now complete, orders are open in our Hillsboro build area, and construction activities are on schedule in several more builds. Find more details below!

Fiberupdate February21

Announcing a new build area!

We’re excited to announce that engineering designs and pre-construction are under way in the Manson build area. Right now, we're looking to start construction there in October, with member installations beginning in early 2022. Timelines are subject to change, so make sure you’ve registered at join.wintek.com to get the latest updates.

  1. Yeddo
  2. Hillsboro
  3. Roberts
    • We're back on track after a brief delay with a contractor and are slated to begin construction in August. Installations are slated to begin in late 2021. Register interest at join.wintek.com so we can connect you when we're ready!

  4. Darlington East and West
    • Construction continues, and we anticipate that installations will begin in fall 2021. Show your interest at join.wintek.com.
  5. Cherry Grove
    • Construction is slated to begin in August, with installations slated to start in fall 2021. Visit join.wintek.com so we can meet your need for speed.

  6. Clarks Hill - Bowers
    • Construction is slated to start in September, with installations slated to start in late 2021. Tell us you want better internet at  join.wintek.com.

  7. Manson
    • Engineering design and pre-construction are under way in our newest build area. Right now, we're looking to begin construction in October. Let us know you're interested at join.wintek.com.
  • Last modified: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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