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Member notice: Doxo.com

We recommend avoiding third-party payment processing websites

Member notice: Doxo.com

Tipmont REMC members have many options to pay electric bills. We recommend avoiding third-party payment processing websites. Doxo.com is a an example of a third-party online bill pay service that allows you to pay your utility and other monthly bills via their website.

EnviroWatts grants provide solar lighting and rain barrels

The EnviroWatts trust board approved two grants to local charities from their first quarter grant cycle.

EnviroWatts grants provide solar lighting and rain barrels

Food Finders Food Bank solar lighting

Food Finders Food Bank received $6,481.97 for two solar parking lot lights at the new Greenbush Street pantry parking lot in Lafayette. Solar lights will help reduce the food bank’s energy bills while providing a safer and more accessible environment to people utilizing the pantry and education classes.

“The money we save on electricity can be utilized in our hunger relief programs and purchasing of food so that individuals and families who face hunger will have greater access to the nutritional food they need,” said Amanda Estes, grants coordinator for Food Finders Food Bank.

The lights are part of a new parking lot at the Food Resource and Education Center (FREC) located at 1204 N Greenbush Street in Lafayette. An additional grant from North Central Health Services will cover the installation of the solar lights.

The Food Resource and Education Center helps individuals learn how to prepare the food that is gown in Food Finders’ garden and distributed in our pantry. More information is available at food-finders.org.

Tipmont acquires Wintek Corporation

As of January 1, 2019, Tipmont will acquire Wintek Corporation, this area’s premier technology and fiber solutions provider. Together, the two companies will deploy residential fiber internet access to Tipmont’s current 23,000 customers.

Tipmont’s Community Day gifts 51 trees to Lafayette

For our 2018 Community Day, Tipmont donated and planted 51 trees in Lafayette on Erie Avenue between Greenbush Street and 19th Street. Also participating were crews from Mint City Tree and Tree Lafayette volunteers.

The trees planted include:

  • White Oak
  • Autumn Gold Ginkgo
  • Yellowwood
  • Nuttall Oak
  • Scarlet Oak
  • Palisade Hornbeam
  • Endowment Sugar Maple
  • Sargent Cherry
  • Bosque Elm
  • Exclamation London Planetree
  • Wildfire Blackgum
  • Espresso Ky. Coffeetree
  • Musashino Zelkova
  • Ivory Silk Tree Lilac
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Broadband announcement

At the January 2018 board meeting, Tipmont REMC’s Board of Directors voted to authorize the design, construction and delivery of fiber optic broadband and related services to the Tipmont membership. The vote was unanimous and follows 18 months of due diligence, including extensive feasibility evaluation and market analysis.



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