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Consider a cooperative career

Evolving technology is changing how energy is generated and distributed through the electric grid to homes and businesses. These changes have brought new challenges and opportunities to electric co-ops working to keep pace with the evolving landscape.

Tipmont REMC rolling back SmartHub login changes

An apology to our members

Tipmont REMC rolling back SmartHub login changes

In mid-January, we implemented a change to the way Tipmont members log in to SmartHub. The change was intended to make the log in process a bit quicker by placing the user name and password fields directly on the website, rather than having to go to a separate screen to log in.

Tipmont prepared for winter storms

This photo from the March 1991 ice storm shows damaged lines in Tipmont's service territory.

According to most forecast models, our area is under a freezing rain advisory this weekend with an ice potential of anywhere from .10” to .20”. Rest assured, Tipmont REMC is prepared for anything Mother Nature throws our way.

SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent phone calls

Tipmont will NEVER call and ask for sensitive personal information over the phone.

SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent phone calls

A Tipmont REMC member recently received a phone call from a scammer posed as a utility employee. Please be wary of callers asking for your credit card or other financial account information and personally identifiable information. In this specific case, the perpetrator will threaten to disconnect your service unless you buy a pre-paid debit card or use an online payment service to pay your bill at once.

Indiana Electric Cooperatives to Host Page Day

Indiana Electric Cooperative Page Day 2017

On Monday, Jan. 25, the Indiana General Assembly will host Indiana Electric Cooperative Page Day.

The day will feature a tour of the governoroffice and the Indiana Statehouse, as well as the opportunity to meet the students' state representative. Pages will also observe floor sessions, learn about current legislation, and assist staff members.



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