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Cyber security

Cyber security

Imagine burglars trying to break into your home every hour of every day. Windows, doors, the roof, the chimney, the cellar – nothing is off limits. That’s essentially what we’re up against in keeping your information secure. 

Gaza: A Refillable Feast of Flavorful Delight

Gaza Korean Grill sign

Geographically speaking, Gaza doesn’t evoke thoughts of Korea … let alone “Korean restaurant boasting one of the best lunch values around.” But it’s worth going way out west in West Lafayette if you’re seeking a flavorful, filling meal of unexpected delights.

Our legacy members

This is the first opportunity I’ve had to write since our July Annual Meeting at McCutcheon High School. We had another successful meeting this year with 764 memberships attending, well beyond our requisite 2% quorum of 459. Thank you to all who attended.

Consider a cooperative career

Tipmont Linemen conduct poletop rescue exercises at the Tipmont headquarters in Linden, IN

The return of students to school each August signals a new beginning. For those of you are headed off to college or a trade school, you’re hopefully giving careful consideration to your future career. I encourage you to include electric cooperatives.

Sixth Street Dive: What’s in a Name?

Sixth Street Dive: What’s in a Name?

When a place tags “dive” directly on its name, it’s OK to wonder what kind of establishment it is exactly.

But dive bars are, generally speaking, much like today’s Times Square — safer than the reputations that may have preceded them in decades past.

The Black Sparrow: Still Soaring

The Black Sparrow: Still Soaring

Indulge, if you will, a rumination on time’s swift flight. I recently revisited a favorite movie, “Grosse Pointe Blank,” in which Jeremy Piven’s character – releasing bottled tension upon a pal’s sudden reappearance after a decade away – leans on his horn while driving.

“Ten years, man!,” he shouts. “Ten! Where have you been for ten years?!”



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