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It’s been nearly a year since Tipmont’s board unanimously voted to authorize the construction and delivery of fiber internet, video and voice services. In that time, we’ve completed a tremendous amount of work toward realizing the vision that you created for us. Your feedback through surveys, letters, phone calls, and in person was key to the board’s decision. Affordable high-speed broadband, in particular, is an essential service that so many of you need.

Tipmont acquires Wintek Corporation

As of January 1, 2019, Tipmont will acquire Wintek Corporation, this area’s premier technology and fiber solutions provider. Together, the two companies will deploy residential fiber internet access to Tipmont’s current 23,000 customers.

Positioning you for the future

Positioning you for the future

I’ve talked a lot about Tipmont’s mission of empowering the communities we serve. To empower is a recognition that you, our customers, are the engine of success. Our role is to simply provide the necessary raw materials like electric energy and very soon, broadband. When you have better tools at your disposal, more options with your local power supply, or integrated energy management systems in your home, you will have the capabilities to be more efficient and productive. We believe you shouldn’t be limited in how you utilize those tools.

La Aldea: Savory Mexican in a Surprising Spot

La Aldea: Savory Mexican in a Surprising Spot

It’s safe to assume most of us refer to restaurants by their names 95 percent of the time. But sometimes, maybe after a long and stressful day, it’s “you know, that place next to the grocery store!” Or in the case of Lafayette’s “Secret Chinese Restaurant” (which I’ve heard will reopen soon after renovations), you refer to it by its unexpected location at the back of a grocery store.



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Empowering Our Communities

Tipmont REMC's mission, adopted in late 2014, is to empower our communities with state-of-the-art essential services. MORE


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