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Tipmont REMC ByLaws

As a non-profit cooperative, Tipmont REMC is locally governed by a seven-member board of directors elected by the membership. The Bylaws are a legal document outlining how the board is to govern the cooperative. It is the foundation that Tipmont is built upon.

In general, the bylaws define the basic rights and responsibilities of Tipmont REMC members and the basic responsibilities of directors and management, including the board's authority, how Tipmont's finances work and membership procedures.

What do the bylaws contain?

Tipmont's Bylaws are organized into sections, with most sections broken up into subsections. Following are the sections of Tipmont REMC's Bylaws:

  • Cooperative membership
  • Member meetings and member voting
  • Board of directors
  • Board meetings and director voting
  • Required officers, indemnification and insurance
  • Disposition of cooperative assets
  • Cooperative operation

The board reviews the Bylaws on a routine basis. Tipmont REMC members with any questions regarding the Bylaws should contact Member Service at (800) 726.3953 or send us a message.

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Map to the Tipmont office

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Media Kit

Incorporated May 10, 1939 and headquartered in Linden, IN, Tipmont REMC is a rural electric cooperative providing essential services to members in eight counties surrounding Lafayette and Crawfordsville, IN

Quick Facts

  • Number of members: 23,744
  • Number of meters: 27,281
  • Miles of line: 2,708
  • Number of employees: 70
updated December 2018

Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year defined by change. Technology, power supply and how we consume energy are all changing at a rapid pace. Tipmont’s dedicated board and staff are responding by positioning Tipmont to deliver value today and for years to come.


Archived Reports


  • President & CEO: Ron Holcomb
  • Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Communications: Abby O'Neill
  • Vice President, Finance and Administration: Doug Martin
  • Vice President, Essential Services: Jason Monroe
  • Vice President, Engineering and Operations: Jeremy Konkle
  • Senior Manager, Operations: Scot Price
  • Senior Manager, Information Technology: Allen Jones

Board of Directors

Tipmont REMC is governed by a seven-person Board of Directors representing the membership that elects them.

  • District 1: Kirk Alter

    Kirk Alter


  • District 2: Jan Harlow

    Jan Harlow


  • District 3: Lynn Beck

    Lynn Beck


  • District 4: Brent Bible

    Brent Bible


  • District 5: Larry Carlson

    Larry Carlson


  • District 6: Jerry Peevler

    Jerry Peevler


  • District 7: Bob Baker

    Bob Baker


    Community Involvement

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      Our Service Area

      Tipmont REMC is the fifth largest member-owned electric cooperative in Indiana serving over 21,000 members and 26,000 meters in parts of eight counties in west central Indiana.

      List and map of counties services by Tipmont REMC

      Counties we serve

      1. Tippecanoe
      2. Montgomery
      3. Fountain
      4. Clinton
      5. Carrol
      6. White
      7. Benton
      8. Boone

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      Our Mission

      In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about disruptive technologies; innovations that disrupt, or even displace an existing market. Many are saying that the energy sector is on the cusp of significant transformation – alternatives to coal and natural gas, advancements in battery technology and changes in regulation and government policy.

      Tipmont’s mission is larger than simply providing distributed electric services. Offering member choice in energy services is an important element to consider. We took action by launching the first community solar array in the state of Indiana.

      Our mission statement, adopted in late 2014, is:

      Empower our communities by providing state-of-the-art essential services.

      What our mission statement means

      • EMPOWER

        Empower means to provide our members with the tools to succeed. Our services should enable our members and our communities to pursue their goals, to tee them up for success.


        The word community conveys Tipmont’s leadership role beyond just our members. Tipmont can make meaningful, and positive change through economic development efforts, education and outreach.


        Providing state-of-art services means we’re committed to the technologies, skill sets and leadership that our members and our communities desire.


        Our services aim to support the big three quality of life desires – security, comfort and convenience. We also label Tipmont’s services as "essential" to ensure we stay focused on those services that provide the best value to our members while also staying consistent with our areas of expertise.

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      • P.O. Box 20
      • 403 S. Main St. MAP
      • Linden, IN 47955
      • (800) 726-3953
      • (765) 339-3243
      • Monday - Friday
      • 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      • Email us Chat Bug
      Empowering Our Communities

      Tipmont REMC's mission, adopted in late 2014, is to empower our communities with state-of-the-art essential services. MORE


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