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What alumni say about Youth Tour

Youth Tour has a rich history, dating back to the 1957 National Rural Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting. During that meeting, then-Texas Sen. Lyndon Johnson conceived the idea of “sending those youngsters to the national capital where they can actually see what the flag stands for and represents.”

From this idea, the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour was born. Through the years, as a result of this trip, over 50,000 young people across the country have seen their national government in action, met with their congressional representatives and learned about the rural electric program. Here are what some recent Youth Tour alumni have said:

  • Before Youth Tour, I had never been outside of the Midwest. When my Youth Tour group reached DC, I remember being in pure awe. I never believed that I would receive the chance to visit the nation’s capital until I was awarded so by Tipmont REMC. Touring the monuments and visiting the memorials really impacted me. They showed me that I am capable of doing anything, and having realized that, I decided that D.C. was where I needed to study in order to pursue my passion in international work and politics.
    Kaidlyne Neukam, North Montgomery High School, Youth Tour 2015
  • Youth Tour helped me gain a better understanding of our nation's rich history and all of the hardships that went into making the United States what it is today. I also gained much more knowledge about how our electric cooperatives function and how they help all of us.
    Sydney Rainey, Harrison High School, Youth Tour 2015
  • I would most definitely recommend this trip to future youth. It taught me so much, not only about our beautiful country, but also about myself and how to relate with others and become a better leader. I plan to encourage the upcoming juniors to apply for this amazing opportunity!!
    Lauren Bowling, Fountain Central High School, Youth Tour 2015
  • Youth tour was a great experience. I got to see just how electric cooperatives affect everything around in action, and I have been able to apply my newfound knowledge to my own life. I, although extremely shy, managed to meet a ton of new people make a few close friends. I will keep what I saw and learned during my week on this amazing trip with me wherever I go, and I would strongly recommend this trip to anyone from any background. Thank you to all of our sponsors, cooperatives, and chaperones for making this trip even possible for over 50 years!
    Elizabeth Odle, Fountain Central High School, Youth Tour 2016
  • I would really recommend this trip to anyone and everyone! Youth Tour is an incredible opportunity. I have found so many lifelong friendships on this trip and I learned so much about our great nation and the endless possibilities in America. I had the time of my life and will never forget the experience I had. Thank you to everyone who helped make the trip possible. It was by far the absolute best week of my life!
    Lainey McCoy, Fountain Central High School, Youth Tour 2017
  • I highly recommend this trip to tomorrow's youth because it was the most eye-opening trip of my life. It was such a cool part meeting people from across the nation and my hometown I've never talked to. During this trip I actually met my best friend. We go to the same school, but we have never talked and our paths never crossed. We have so much in common and believe in the same things. If it wasn't for Youth Tour, I wouldn't of have met her amazing soul. Youth Tour will benefit me in the future because I know I will always have friends when traveling across the country. It also opened doors for future jobs and experiences.
    Giovanna Salazar, McCutcheon High School, Youth Tour 2017




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