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for over 75 years.


Tipmont REMC has been housed in four buildings.

The first office was a small building on the west side of Highway 231, just north of where the Linden Post Office now stands. The now vacant building was a dentist office for several years and then later an antique and craft shop.

After outgrowing that building, the headquarters was moved across the street to the building that housed Linden Radio & TV Shop for a number of years.

At the 1950 annual meeting, President Graves announced that the board had purchased ground on the west side of Highway 231 at the south edge of Linden, and a new headquarters would be constructed soon. Open house for the new building was held on December 15, 1951 and the building dedicated:

"To advance the position of Agriculture. To enrich the life of the community. To free men and women from the heavy drudgery of the farm and home. As a part of their rural electric system this building is dedicated to the farmers to whom it supplies the blessing of electricity."

This building served Tipmont REMC needs for 30 years. The North Montgomery School Corporation office occupies this building now.

In June 1981, Tipmont REMC moved into the current headquarters building. Red Ball Movers, in a two-day period, moved the office equipment and records and never closed the office. Employees were maintained at both locations until each department was completely moved. In 1997, there was remodeling done to the office area. Supervisors have their own offices and customer service area was enlarged.




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Empowering Our Communities

Tipmont REMC's mission, adopted in late 2014, is to empower our communities with state-of-the-art essential services. MORE