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If you are currently experiencing an outage, please call 1-800-726-3953 for assistance.


The list below shows all outages that are still open on our system at this time. Some of the information presented is our best estimate and shouldn't be relied on to make critical decisions. If you have any questions about these items please contact us.

Outage Time Hours offline Estimated Restoral Status # Affected Area  


The list below show all outages with a status of restored, meaning that power was recently restored for that outage, but won't be closed until we get all necessary info.

Outage Time Hours offline Status # Affected Area  
Number of affected members:   Low   Medium   High


The outages listed below are historical and reflect outages that have already been closed. During normal business hours, you should expect to see updates within 48 hours of a closed outage.

Outage Time Restored @ Closed @ Hours offline Area
Number of affected members:   Low   Medium   High
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