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The EnviroWatts program allows Tipmont REMC members to support environmental projects in our community. Members may elect to pay a small premium of one cent per kilowatt-hour on their electric bill. (Maximum contribution is five dollars per month per account.)

The extra penny per kilowatt-hour goes into the EnviroWatts Trust Fund that is overseen by a board of volunteer Tipmont members. Non-profit organizations in the Tipmont service area can apply to receive grants from the fund to be used for environmental projects. The EnviroWatts Trust Board meets once a quarter to review applications and award grants.

Envirowatts Earth Friendly Energy Alternatives

Tipmont and our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power (WVPA), are participating in the EnviroWatts program because we think it’s the right thing to do for the environment and our members. WVPA also anticipates that there may be mandates or regulations in the future concerning how much of the power they provide must come from renewable sources. WVPA’s efforts in developing renewable power sources will help them meet these mandates in the future.

As Tipmont members and others demonstrate interest in renewable green power, that interest will drive the market to develop more renewable power sources and alternative energy technologies. The more renewable power that is available, the less we will need to rely on traditional energy sources like coal.

EnviroWatts provides a way for you to show your support for environmental improvement projects in your community, support the environment, and demonstrate your interest in renewable energy.

The EnviroWatts program has awarded $496,173.87 in grants to local non-profit organizations to date.

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Full list of EnviroWatts Grants (pdf)

Application and Guidelines

EnviroWatts Trust Board

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